March 2021

Karel Honzík and Josef Havlíček - two great architects whose legacy is a number of important buildings, including Radost. The first is resting in Prague's Slavín cemetery. The last resting place of the second of the greats, Josef Havlíček, did not have the same respect. Until recently.

On Sunday, May 5th, 2019, we willcelebrate the 120th anniversary of his birth at the cemetery in Prague'sBubeneč. Come and appreciate Havlíček's lifelong work together with us - we will honor Havlíček's memory and symbolically uncover his newly restored tombstone.

The non-profit organization Halda, z.s. appropriated Havlíček's grave in Prague's Bubeneč and had the damaged tombstone repaired. Because it did not have enough funds for the repair, the company Dům Žižkov a.s., the new owner of the building, which now bears the name Radost, supported a collection for the restoration and paid the remaining amount.

It is said that as long as there are people who appreciate the work, legacy or actions of the deceased and keep it in mind, the person in question has not died and lives on in their minds. Now it is a great opportunity to celebrate Havlíček's enduring influence on the lives of many of us. Whether we work in offices, live in apartments or trade in shops he designed and built.

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