March 2021

Are you looking for a place where to work locate your company? We know about one! Learn why it's good to have your place in our house.

1.You will have a bird's eye view

It is not for nothing that Radost used tobe called the first Prague´s skyscraper. Eleven floors rise to the sky and a great view of the Prague skyline comes with it. How about looking at Prague Castle whilst working?

2.You will be in the center of everything

The main railway station around the corner, five minutes to Václavák, tram and metro right next to the building. Radost offers great transport connection and a central location with everything within a short distance.

3.You will enjoy the panorama of Prague

Imagine: You finish work, you walk a few meters, the in house-elevator takes you to the top floor and you find yourself on the rooftop with a bar, a drink in hand, the setting sun and a great view. Do you take it?

4.If you don't want to, you don't have to go anywhere

When you are hungry, you fetch something from the restaurant on the ground floor. After lunch, you go for coffee and dessert in the café. And you can have important meetings in one of our many conference rooms.

5.You tailor everything according to your needs

Each floor is divided into modules with an area of 20.5 m2. It is up to you how many of them you rent. We will be happy to accommodate you whether it be for a month or a few years.

6.You will feast your eyes

The building of the former General Pension Institute is an important work of Czech functionalism. It is a timeless building that will surprise you even today with its elaboration.

7.You will experience unexpected encounters

In Radost, we give space to creative and entrepreneurial people. That's why you will meet artists, lawyers, dentists, teachers… With what profession will you pitch in?

8.You will broaden your horizons

In cooperation with Aero Films and Ondřej Kobza, we are preparing a rich cultural program - from lectures to films. Afterwork, you can relax and learn a lot of new things.

9.You will have everything at hand

Žižkov is a lively neighbourhood - and offers endless possibilities after work. Will you go somewhere to eat, to have a drink or just to relax in Riegrovy sady?

10. You will experience Joy!

Working with us is Radost - joy! You can have your place here from CZK 2,500 without VAT for one module. Contact us via the contact form and we will be happy to give you a tour.

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