March 2021

After a year, you can follow the steps of architects Honzík and Havlíček again and walk around the Radost building within the Open House Prague festival. This year, we have thrown ourselves into cooperation with the festival with great enthusiasm, so a very interesting program awaits you in Radost. An information center will be available in the lobby from 1st September.

How do empty houses come to life?

The public's attention is increasingly attracted to buildings and places to which life gradually returns to after years of stagnation or confinement. Somewhere, there are groups of enthusiasts who spend their free time, energy and resources to create a distinctive dramaturgy and revitalize the place, elsewhere the driving force may be a commercial company that seeks to connect with the local community.

Come on September 2nd at 6:30 pm to the Radost building to listen to the debate of representatives of these CITYMAKERS, who will acquaint us with their stories or plans for the future. More on facebook.

Lego workshop in Radost

A program for families with children will also be prepared in selected buildings during the festival. Therefore, bringy our offspring with you and enjoy the joy of creation together.

 In the Radost building, a FREE Lego workshop will be opened not only for your children for the entire festival weekend from 10 am to 6 pm. Both children and adult enthusiasts can build the house of their dreams here from the flood of cubes (lego and duplo).

More information about the children'sprogram and special tours can be found on the festival website.

Classical music where you are not used to it

The Serious Interest (Vážná zájem) association and Open House Prague are joining forces this year. Together, they will take classical music out of the concert halls and transfer it to unusual places in Prague. The pleasant tones of the flute and harp will be heard in Radost as well. After the last tour on Saturday, September 5th at 7 pm, you can listen to Amelia Tokarská and Sylvia Schellingerová in Café Radost.

Complete information and program can be found on the festival website

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