March 2021

Our building has new owners who want to bring it to life after many years. The symbol of this transformation is its new name, visual identity and big plans for the future. Read how it all became a reality!

The long neglected Houseof Labor Unions - Dům odborových svazů (DOS) in Prague's Žižkov is slowlycoming to life. The first step is a new name. Czech, memorable, with referenceto the diverse past, but most importantly - a happy future. "The nameRadost - Joy - contains anabbreviation of the previous name of the house, and at the same time it aptlycontrasts with what has happened in the house in the last sixty years,"describes the initiator of the house's revival Martin Louda from Dům Žižkova.s., which is the new owner.

Radost is full of colors

The visual identity, new name and marketing communication, which was based on the functionalism and the building itself, were created by the Prague digital agency Story TLRS.

A significant element is the admittedgrid. For now, you can see it on the web or in visuals on social networks, butit will soon be reflected in all offline communication. The ratio in the gridcorresponds to the ratio of the tiles that serve as the cladding of the house.By the way, this ratio is repeated throughout the house - the same, forexample, has the strip of windows in relation to the strip of walls. The grid is thus a reference to the architects' diligence, as well as to the contemporary tendencies in graphic design.

"Every designer adheres to a certaingrid in their work - we do not hide it, but upgrade it to the level of a graphic element," describes Štěpán Landa, one of the authors of theidentity. The colors are derived from the materials you can find in Radost - on window frames or in the interior.

With regard to the possible revitalizationof the house, we decided not to base the logo and visual style on any graphic sign or symbol that would be unnecessarily binding, but on a font - and we had it custom made.

Font bent like furniture

The font was created byChristian Jánský from the typographic studio KOMETA. "We wanted it to be relevant mainlyin relation to the functionalism it represents. A lot of things depend on it -from promotional materials, through the navigation system in the building tothe planned redesign of the shop windows in Seifertova Street," adds Štěpán from Story TLRS. From several variants, we finally chose the one thatrefers to the bent tubes of typical functionalist furniture.

Plans for the future

In addition, after years of decay, the building will undergo many very necessary modifications. "We definitely want to keep the original character and build on the quality pre-war architecture that Czechia was known for all over the world," explains Martin Louda. "That is why we consult with leading Czech architects about the possibilities. We realize the value of the house. The building is an iconic legacy of architects Havlíček and Honzík and we wish it a solid but, above all, long future. ”

Café in the clouds

First, we will repair the rooftop and make it accessible. From the top of the eleven-storey "Žižkov skyscraper" there is a unique view of Prague. "We have already agreed to cooperate with Ondřej Kobza, who will organize various debates, cultural events and open a café here," reveals our marketing manager Veronika Holčáková.

In addition, we will revive a multifunctional hall in Radost, in which we will also build a cinema and a coworking café with a shopping gallery at the entrance hall. Part of the house will remain reserved for rentals - offices with a view, art studios and other unconventional spaces.

Are you interested? Let us know!

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