July 2022

Cafe owner Ondřej Kobza placed a swan pedal on the roof terrace of the RADOST house this year, Prague residents commonly know the pedal from the Vltava River but this summer, you can enjoy a whole new experience!

The office building of the former General Pension Institute, today known as the Dům RADOST, is gradually becoming the social and cultural center of lower Žižkov and offers a range of activities for the whole family. Its observation terrace has been transformed into a rooftop bar under the baton of the well-known Prague café owner Ondřej Kobza. Kobza, known for his unusual interventions in public space, chose the public pool theme for this season and placed a swan-shaped pedal on the terrace. "Sitting on a swan is such a childhood dream. Hopefully we will be able to rekindle childhood memories in the visitors," Kobza comments on this year's decision.

"For two seasons, our roof was dominated by wooden hunting property. This year, thanks to Ondřej, we invite everyone to the swan lake for the best view of Prague from a pedal boat," comments Natálie Bilová, marketing manager of Dům RADOST, on this year's theme. It is open every weekday from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., and on weekends from 12:00 p.m. In addition to sitting with a view, Kobza also invites you to an accompanying program, which, however, will also have a different spirit than last year. "This year, the Roof will function more as a bar area and a viewing terrace. We will make the evenings more pleasant with semi-acoustic music and occasional gastronomic events. However, we do not plan to build another Ledárny Braník here, because the sound from the roof carries enough to the surroundings. We will only hold concerts once or twice a month in accordance with the ethos," explains Kobza, the change compared to last season, when a number of performers such as Laco Déczi, Buty, Zrní or Bert & Friends gave concerts at Střeš every week.

You can find the current program on the FB page Střecha RADOST :)

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