March 2021

The traditional weekend holiday of architecture lovers, the Open House Prague festival, attracted 5,000 visitors to open buildings throughout the city. One of them was our Radost. What awaited them?

Over 1,000 visitors came to see the building, which we are very happy about. For comparison: During last year's festival (when the building still belonged to labor unions) there were 80 of them.

One of the attractions was the open rooftop, to which only a select few had access to for over 40 years. During the festival, we built a bar there and let the visitors experience how it soon might look like on the rooftop of Radost. Stylish seating, a good drink in hand, a cultural program in the evenings and a great view of the entire city of Prague.

Our guides walked the visitors through the offices and showed them the meeting rooms and Přítomnost, the largest hall.

The new owners were also on site, so theycould hear the oppinions and suggestions of visitors on how to transform thebuilding.

Bottom line: We are looking forward tonext year. This one was better than expected!


Photo credits: Tomáš Princ

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Mar 2021

After a year, you can follow the steps of architects Honzík and Havlíček again and walk around the Radost building within the Open House Prague festival. This year, we have thrown ourselves into cooperation with the festival with great enthusiasm, so a very interesting program awaits you in Radost. An information center will be available in the lobby from 1st September.

Jul 2022

Cafe owner Ondřej Kobza placed a swan pedal on the roof terrace of the RADOST house this year, Prague residents commonly know the pedal from the Vltava River but this summer, you can enjoy a whole new experience!

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